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CosmoBot in Spaceship

Fun and Games -- Worksheets

Ask a grownup for help in printing these worksheets. And, then the fun begins!

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I. Help CosmoBot Color (PDF, 208 KB)

II. CosmoBot and CosmoBot’s Spaceship (PDF, 106 KB)

III. Big and Small Bubbles (PDF, 119 KB)

IV. Matching (PDF, 200 KB)

V. Fill CosmoBot’s Spaceship (PDF, 214 KB)

VI. Tracing Shapes (PDF, 77 KB)

VII. Writing Letters (PDF, 67 KB)

VIII. CosmoBot’s Maze (PDF, 100 KB)

IX. Tag! (PDF, 300 KB)

X. Hide and Seek (PDF, 323 KB)

XI. Trace and Color (PDF, 84 KB)

XII. CosmoBot’s Bingo! (PDF, 251 KB)

XIII. Connect the Dots (PDF, 117 KB)

XIV. Shape Puzzle (PDF, 85 KB)

XV. Tracing Shapes (PDF, 100 KB)

XVI. CosmoBot’s Shape Bingo! (PDF, 145 KB)

XVII. Concentration (PDF, 79 KB)

XVIII. Free Drawing (PDF, 20 KB)

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