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Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ introduces an innovation in learning for children of developmental age 2-to-8 years with and without disabilities. This unique family of learning tools features Mission Control™ and Cosmo's Play and Learn™ software.

Image of Cosmo’s Learning Systems™Mission Control is the computer interface device that enables a child to interact with Cosmo’s Play and Learn software and other software products. It is compatible with both Windows and MAC computers. Playground Discovery, the first software program in a series of educational tools to be developed, motivates the child with entertaining activities that are designed to meet individual goals.

For children with disabilities, Cosmo’s Learning Systems is an excellent motivator for physical, occupational, speech/language, and recreational therapy practices and special education segments of the rehabilitation market.

In 2009, AT KidSystems launched Learning for Children - Exploration software designed for children 3-to-5 years.  The software features 18 fun, educational activities sequenced into six levels that children play while data is simultaneously collected for evaluation of the child's performance. 

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