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MC Commander allows users to expand the versatility of Mission Control™ by enabling the multi-functional computer access device to operate with off-the-shelf software programs that recognize standard keyboard, mouse, and switch commands. Mission Control was designed to give children who do not use a standard keyboard and standard mouse an alternative for access to computers.

Powered by MC Commander, Mission Control broadens the range of educational and therapeutic software that children can experience. In the past, software programs operated with a keyboard and mouse were not accessible to children who could not manipulate this traditional input. Many children are limited to software designed specifically for single switch input. This software is limited by the function of the switch action. With MC Commander, children can access switch activated software, software activated by keyboard and mouse, and software designed for Mission Control.  Not only will children benefit from the software titles developed by AT KidSystems™, educators, clinicians, and parents gain the added value of Mission Control for interacting with all software programs and games.

Benefits and Features:

  • MC Commander allows the unique interface device, Mission Control, to be used with any educational or entertainment software that recognizes a keyboard and/or mouse.
  • MC Commander takes advantage of the aFFx Activator function of Mission Control, allowing the 4 aFFx Activators on Mission Control to become a “mouse” with up, down, left, and right continual movement.
  • MC Commander is PC- and MAC-compatible.
  • MC Commander can be downloaded or installed using a CD-Rom.
  • MC Commander is easily programmed with a very user-friendly graphical interface.
  • MC Commander can be used with multiple users (up to 100) and stores information for each user.

Download  for a PC here

Download  for a MAC here

Once downloaded, the MC Commander utility serves as a tool for mapping the aFFx Activators in Mission Control to a standard keyboard, mouse, or joystick function.  It is PC- and MAC-compatible.  Technical specifications and installation questions can be found in the FAQ section here.


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