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Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ At Home

How can Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ be used at home?

Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ software was designed by a team of specialists including parents, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, educators, and engineers. Therefore, the motor, cognitive, language, and learning needs of all children were considered. Cosmo’s Play and Learn software features settings that allow a parent to individualize the program for each child based on their unique needs. It takes into consideration that some children have limited range of motion, minimal strength, or are unable to sustain their hand upon a button to activate Mission Control™. The settings for the built-in microphone on Mission Control also consider that some children do not have a loud voice, while others cannot sustain their voice for any duration. The software can be customized for each user with individual profiles indicating any motor, verbal, or learning needs. Additionally, there is a built-in Prompt System that was carefully designed to support children by providing them with only the visual and audio cues needed to learn new concepts and feel successful in their therapy and learning.

How would I use this at home with my child?”

Cosmo’s Play and Learn software makes homework more motivating and promotes actions that can support therapy and education goals. The child feels like they are playing a game while they are learning new concepts or practicing concepts taught in school or during therapy. A child can play in parallel with a friend or sibling. With the Curriculum Guide as a resource, there are many hours of activities that support learning both on the computer and in a child’s everyday life.

What useful tools are available in the Curriculum Guide are tailored to the home environment?

The Curriculum Guide provides step-by-step instructions on using the software and offers numerous activities to help introduce and then reinforce the new learning goals to the child. These activities can be used to reinforce concepts introduced in school or during therapy to be practiced at home. The magnetic board and included manipulatives also provide quick activities. These hands-on tools take the ideas that the child learns on the computer and allow them to reenact scenarios, tell stories, and creatively play with CosmoBot™ and its friends while practicing new concepts learned. Learning with CosmoBot can be fast, easy, and fun.

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