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Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ in Education and Therapy

How does Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ support my child’s therapy program or education plan?

Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ is based on a universal design which includes all children regardless of ability. The interactive computer activities featured in Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ software are designed to support both therapy and educational goals. An individual profile can be created to help coordinate your child’s needs and match them with the variety of objectives and levels in the software program. It can help support the goals addressed in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and recreational therapy. The Mission Control™ device empowers children with disabilities by giving them a sense of control that they may not have previously experienced with standard keyboarding systems. CosmoBot™ is fun, interactive, and inherently motivating. Click here to see how it can support an educational plan (Educators) or therapy program (Clinicians).

How is this Mission Control™ different from a keyboard?

Mission Control is a unique input device otherwise known as an alternative keyboard. It has four (4) aFFx™ Activators instead of the traditional QWERTY keyboard and mouse. The aFFx Activators respond to a child’s touch in several different ways. It is sensitive to how hard a child presses and how long the child holds it down. Mission Control also has a built-in microphone, which detects voice volume and duration and is used for sound recognition in Cosmo’s Play and Learn software.

Why is this software different?

There are many things that Cosmo’s Play and Learn software offers that are unique features:

  1. It has a Tracking System that assesses the child’s progress on the learning goals. While the child is playing, the software takes note of which colors the child has learned or the shapes recognized. All of this information is saved in a profile set-up for each child.

  2. The software also has a built in Prompt System. The prompt system (e.g., a series of clues that helps the child learn a new concept) was carefully designed to support all children by providing them with the visual and audio cues that they need to learn new concepts and feel successful in their learning.

  3. The Curriculum Guide gives ideas and activities to help introduce the new learning goals to the child. It steps the user through the use of the software and then gives activities to help the child continue learning when away from the computer. The activity ideas can be used for “homework” after therapy or just thought of as extra practice. The Curriculum Guide also comes with a magnetic dry-erase white board and manipulatives. These are to serve as a hands-on tool that will take the ideas that the child learns on the computer and allow them to reenact scenarios, tell stories, and creatively play with CosmoBot and his friends.
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