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CosmoBot in Spaceship

Who is CosmoBot?

 CosmoBot is a virtual robot and your child’s guide to exploring, learning and having fun!

CosmoBot’s story began…:

In a galaxy far, far away, light years beyond earth, is a planet called Doog. The inhabitants of Doog, Doogians, believe in peace, learning, fun and friendship. Great strides in science, math and space travel allowed the Doogians to explore many planets and their inhabitants beyond Planet Doog. The Doogians traveled to the far reaches of their own galaxy and enjoyed many new adventures and experiences, making many friends throughout their galaxy.

One day, a Doogian scientist decided to make a special robot that would help spread the Doogian way. Dr. Lindsey, a smart and kind scientist, asked her students to help her create this special robot that would be able to travel farther than the Doogian galaxy; in fact, farther than any Doogian had ever gone. Dr. Lindsey’s students welcomed the challenge with excitement and enthusiasm.

Dr. Lindsey and her students began to work on the plan to design the robot. The students were so excited that they started to yell out qualities they wanted the robot to have:

  • “The robot has to laugh…and fly!”
  • “Be able to teach…and learn.”
  • “And, blow bubbles.”
  • “And, Explore!!”
  • “The robot must love children…and be curious.”
  • “And, love space animals!”
  • “Can the robot help people? Yes, yes!”
  • “Can people help the robot? Oh, yes!”
  • “The robot should be able to talk…and speak different languages.”
  • “The robot should know how to play games and be nice.”
  • “It should share and…mostly be a good friend!!!”

Dr. Lindsey and her students worked for months to create the most special robot in the universe. Dr. Lindsey and her students named the robot – CosmoBot! Many space animals and space creatures (including humans!) think that CosmoBot is powered by batteries or electricity. The Doogians know that CosmoBot is powered by knowledge, laughter, love and Doogian culture.

Come play with CosmoBot!

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