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Maintenance Questions

What if I spill something on Mission Control? How should I clean Mission Control?

Liquid spillage should not affect the functionality of Mission Control unless the liquid spilled accumulates inside a button well to a height greater than 15mm. You can clean Mission Control with a soft cloth lightly moistened with water and then wipe Mission Control with a dry soft cloth. Please DO NOT USE thinner, benzine, alcohol, or any other chemicals for cleaning.

I am concerned that hitting the activators too hard may damage Mission Control. Is that possible?

Mission Control should be able to withstand a child's hitting the aFFx Activators hard and continue functioning. While it was designed to be shock resistant, it is not infallible so please supervise the child’s activities.

Mission Control was dropped and one of the activators isn’t operational. What should I do?

Mission Control will function properly after falling from a regular table top approx. 3 feet. However, it is not functionally guaranteed if it is mishandled, abused, or dropped from a height more than a regular table top.

If I have additional questions not answered above, is there someone I can contact?

Yes, please regularly visit the AT KidSystems™, Inc., Website at The Website is updated often and current contact information can be found there.

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