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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Learning for Children

Will this software tell me if my child or student has autism, developmental language disorders, or developmental delay?

No, this software will simply determine if your child or student shows early signs of issues related to the above. This is by no means a definitive diagnosis and should not be treated as such. Only a trained health care professional can diagnose potential issues. This software is designed only to give you the information that you need to help you decide if further testing is warranted. It is a tool, not an answer.

What should I do if the data collection indicates that my child shows signs of potential delays?

Contact your pediatrician immediately for an exam and then ask him or her for a reference to a specialist.

Why is it so important to test my child or students for developmental performance?

It's all about early detection.

Are the games actually fun for children to play?

Yes, the games are really fun to play! Kids love them! However, they are not over-stimulating, because a child needs to concentrate on completing the games to ensure a proper evaluation.

How long does it usually take to play the games?

It can take as much or as little time as you choose. The child can always go back to the games any time, and the evaluation picks up right where the child left off in the last session. Each game takes a few minutes to play, depending on a child's ability.

How do the games work?

The games work by testing a child's ability to execute tasks that measure certain criteria. Our system evaluates specific skills necessary to complete each task, and tells our evaluation process analyzer if the child's performance reveals any symptoms of autism or dyslexia.

How quickly will I get the report on my child or student's performance?

The reports are immediate and are available by going to the "Info" section of the game menu. This area is password-protected by the parent.

Will the children playing see the report on their performance?

The "Info" area is password-protected. Unless you give your child the password, they will not be able to see their test results.

On which computer systems do your games work?

The games work on PC or MAC.

What kind of computer skills do I need to set up and start the games?

None! No computer skills are required. Our products are extremely user-friendly. Just follow the simple load instructions and the rest of the program is self-explanatory and easy. You'll be guided every step of the way!

I'm having trouble adding a child after loading the CD on the MAC.  Can you assist?

You may be "reading" the CD instead of accessing the loaded program.  Follow the instructions on the CD for MAC installation.  Ensure that the program is in your applications folder.

Do you have a support phone number or email if I have technical issues?

Yes. Our support staff is available at

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