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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
MC Commander Questions

How do I install MC Commander using a disk?

Installation for PC:

Insert the MC Commander CD. Click on the Start Menu and click My Computer. Double click on the CD Drive (it should be labeled MC Commander). Double click on the MC Commander Setup MC Commander file to begin installation. Follow the installation instructions on the screen.

Using a PC, go to the Start Menu and the MC Commander icon should be visible. If it is not, go to Start Menu and select All Programs. Open the MC Commander folder and click on the MC Commander icon to begin the program. The icon is a mini Mission Control.

Installation for Mac:

Insert the MC Commander CD. Double click on the OS X MC Commander.dmg disk image. Drag the MC Commander into the applications folder.

On a Mac, the MC Commander icon should be visible under applications.

How do I install MC Commander from the AT KidSystems, Inc. Website?

Log onto Click on the “Download MC Commander” icon. Follow the instructions of the wizard.

How do I connect Mission Control to the computer?

You connect one end of the USB cord (included) to the computer and the other end of the USB cord to Mission Control.

How do I calibrate Mission Control?

The MC Commander program should automatically prompt you to calibrate Mission Control the first time that you use the Mission Control device. Each time you plug in a new Mission Control, you should be prompted to calibrate. This is to ensure that the program is reading the most up-to-date values of the aFFx Activators. You should not have to calibrate a previously calibrated Mission Control each time that you use it on the same computer. The computer saves the values and will prompt you to recalibrate if the values change.

If, for some reason, you are not prompted to calibrate the first time, select File and then select Calibrate. Once the calibration screen appears, press down firmly on each aFFx Activator several times. The colored boxes do not need to fill up completely. Once you are finished, click Done.

How do I create a user?

In the upper left hand side of the MC Commander window, after Welcome, click the drop down menu and select Create New User. A new window will pop up on the left. Click on the box next to User’s Name, and enter a new user name. Click OK to save the user. The user is automatically saved.

How do I edit users?

The User Editor screen allows you to:

-Edit a user name

-Delete the selected user

-Create another new user

Once you have finished with the User Editor screen, select Close. The default user in the main window under user will be the last user you selected in the User Editor screen.

How do I set user settings?

After you have selected a user, click on an aFFx Activator to begin. You can customize the pressure and duration of each aFFx Activator for each user. For pressure and duration, you can adapt the aFFx Activator to accommodate a light, average, or hard pressure force and short, average, or long duration.

For example, if you are working with a child who has a very light touch, you can compress a full press value into a half press of the aFFx Activator. Select Student Usually PressesLight” for this customization.

You can make this adjustment for each aFFx Activator or make different adjustments for each aFFx Activator based on the child. For example, the child may require a light adjustment for her left side (the Yellow and Blue aFFx Activators) and require an average adjustment for her right side (the Green and Red aFFx Activators).

You can customize the duration of each aFFx Activator in the same way and use the duration settings below the pressure settings. Make the appropriate selection in the Student Usually Sustains Activator field.

How do I create software settings?

On the main screen, in the upper right hand corner, under Software Settings For: click on the drop down menu and select Create New Software Settings.

The pop-up screen appears. This screen allows you to title a software setting, select any keyboard or mouse function that is required for the software, and title each keyboard or mouse function.

How do I save software settings?

In the upper left hand corner of the MC Commander Software Settings Editor, select File then Save. The File Name field in the Software Settings pop-up screen automatically defaults to the name you typed into the Software Title field in the previous screen.

Note: If you want to change the file name, you can do it here; however, the file name must end in .xml in order to save correctly.

A pop-up window will appear asking to import the file into MC Commander. Select Yes in order to access the settings in MC Commander. You may close the MC Commander Software Editor box. Back in the main MC Commander window, the Software Setting For field will automatically be populated with the last software settings you saved.

How do I map software settings?

Select an aFFx Activator or External Switch to map one of the functions you created under the Mouse Software Settings (Example 1: Mouse Function).

1. Select an aFFx Activator.

2. In the Activator Action field, click on the drop down menu.

3. Select one of the actions in the drop down menu.

4. Select another aFFx Activator and follow steps 2 and 3 above.

5. When all functions are mapped, click on File in the upper left hand corner and select Close Window.

Where is the MC Commander Icon?

The MC Commander icon will reside in the Taskbar at the bottom right of your computer.

How do I exit the MC Commander program?

In order to exit MC Commander, you must right click on the MC Commander icon in the Taskbar and select exit.

How do I change settings from the tool tray?

If you would like to make changes or additions to the User Setting, right click the icon, and select Configure.

Can I map the aFFx Activators to the mouse function?

External switches are binary and therefore cannot be mapped to a mouse movement. Only aFFx Activators can be mapped to a mouse movement.

Do switches need to be the same color as on the computer screen?

Although the external switches represented on the MC Commander screens are color coded, the external switch does not need to be the same color. For example, you can use a yellow colored switch in any of the external ports.

How do I use the Latch feature?

Each aFFx Activator can function as an on/off latch; whereby, the first press enables a sustained action.  The second press will release the action.  For example, if the user maps the yellow activator to the left mouse function, the first press will move the mouse left.  The mouse will continue to move left until the user presses the yellow activator a second time to release the latch.

The latch feature may be used with each of the four aFFx Activators by selecting the "enable latch function" box.  This feature is particularly useful to assimilate the "click and drag" feature of the mouse when using paint software applications. 

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