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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
General Questions

Cosmo’s Learning Systems™

What is Cosmo’s Learning Systems?

Cosmo’s Learning Systems (packaged) includes the following items:

What is the difference between Cosmo’s Play and Learn software and Playground Discovery?

Cosmo’s Play and Learn software is the family of software titles in Cosmo’s Learning Systems.  Playground Discovery is the first product from the Cosmo’s Play and Learn family of products. 

What is the target age range of this product?

Mission Control is designed for children with a developmental age of 2 – 8 years.  However, as an accessible interface device, it may be appropriate for children who are older than 8 years.  Playground Discovery software is designed for children with a developmental age of 3 – 5 years.

Is this product just for children with disabilities?

No, it is for children with and without disabilities.  The content and process goals are appropriate for all children in the targeted developmental age range. 

Can this be used with more than one child at the same time?

Yes.  Please see the Curriculum section of the Curriculum Guide to learn more about using Mission Control and Cosmo’s Play and Learn in this manner.

What educational goals can be achieved with Cosmo’s Learning Systems?

Playground Discovery focuses on pre-literacy and pre-numeracy goals.  Content Goals include color discrimination (red, blue, yellow, and green), relative quantity and quality, directional awareness (up, down, left, and right), prepositional awareness (over, on, etc.), numbers (1 – 5), and shapes (triangle, circle, square, and rectangle).  Go to Educators page.

How can I use Cosmo’s Learning Systems in a therapeutic setting?

Cosmo’s Learning Systems can be used as a tool during therapy sessions to motivate children to participate in educationally-sound activities. Go to Clinicians page.

What disabilities does this product line support?

Children of all abilities can enjoy using Cosmo’s Learning Systems. Careful consideration was made when designing both the hardware and software so that children with physical, developmental, learning, and other disabilities can enjoy this product as well.

What is a Scope and Sequence?

The Playground Discovery Scope and Sequence is the framework of educational goals for the product.  It is based on developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities.  It was developed by educators and therapists to promote pre-literacy and pre-numeracy.  Please see the Scope and Sequence for more information.

What are CosmoBot manipulatives and how are they used?

Manipulatives are tangible objects that are used to reinforce content goals introduced in the software program, Playground Discovery.  The manipulatives consist of an 11”x17” magnetic board – one side is a magnetic dry-erase white board and one side has a screen shot of a scene from CosmoBot’s World – and magnets.  There are more than 50 magnets from Playground Discovery including CosmoBot, CosmoBot’s ship, and the Space Animal friends.

Are there other supporting materials, games, programs available to reinforce what the child is learning with Cosmo's Learning Systems?

Please visit our Website at regularly for updated materials.  Also, refer to the Resource Section for more information.

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