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“The handbook contains great extension activities for the classroom, as well as useful at-home tips. It is far more detailed than any other software handbooks I have encountered. It can and should be utilized as a curriculum guide, rather than just a handbook to the game.

“The games are vibrant and high-interest, and cause and effect is done well. Multi-step direction is a useful skill for children with developmental delays to practice. Special education teachers will appreciate the way the games make this skill more fun to practice.”

Angie Schafer
Teacher, Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities
Baty Elementary, Del Valle, Texas

“I really enjoyed the software handbook and was impressed with the wonderful and well thought out extension activities; the activities tie in nicely to what the child is learning in the software program. Not only does the software handbook provide a great guide for the teacher, but it is also an informative resource for the parents.

“The software program is child-friendly; the colorful graphics are very appealing. The software program covers basic and fundamental areas of learning in early childhood education (ie., colors, shapes, numbers) in a welcoming and positive way. Children at all developmental ages can learn from this program at their own rate in one way or another. It appeals to all learning styles (ie., visual, auditory, tactile).”

Anthe Gimenez
Teacher of Three-Year-Old Toddlers
Good Shepherd School, Austin, Texas

“I am always looking for innovative products that teachers can easily use. Cosmo’s Learning Systems met my three criteria of being easy to use, aligning with students’ individual education program goals and having the capability of collecting data. What really won us over was that AT KidSystems provided on-site, hands-on training to the teaching staff. It was a real proactive, positive way to encourage the teachers to start using the product.

“The response from teachers has been very good. Students are very engaged when they are using Cosmo’s Learning Systems. They are staying focused which is a challenge for many of our students. The children really like CosmoBot and are doing well using it. I think that has a lot to do with the teachers having an opportunity to learn how to use the product before school began. They have been more enthusiastic about introducing Cosmo’s Learning Systems in their classrooms.”

                Mrs. Randy Martins
                Assistive Technology Intervention Teacher
                Henry County School District, Georgia


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