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CosmoBot in Spaceship

Benefits and Features

Cosmo’s Learning Systems™

  • Highly motivating educational learning experience for both children with and without disabilities.
  • Entire system (hardware and software) created by a team of clinicians, educators, engineers, and parents.

The Hardware: Mission Control™

  • Easy to manipulate alternative keyboard.
  • Four (4) colorful and easy to access single switches or aFFx™ Activators aligned horizontally on a secure platform.
  • aFFx Activators are designed to accept different pressure inputs including even the lightest touch from a user who demonstrates weakness.
  • aFFx Activators are calibrated according to the child’s skills and abilities.
  • Includes a functional built-in microphone to allow a child to access the software program with their voice.
  • Mission Control has an innovative design that encourages strength, range of motion, and coordination, and enhances language skills.

The Software: Cosmo’s Play and Learn™

  • Features a brightly animated virtual robot named CosmoBot™.
  • Animations and character designed to capture a child’s interest and motivate them to learn.
  • Targets developmental ages 3-5.
  • Accessed via Mission Control through aFFx Activators or built-in microphone.
  • Uses innovative prompt system to support the child through a variety of learning experiences.
  • Global default settings are adjustable to enable customization to each individual child’s physical or cognitive skill level.
  • Database saves the settings for each child for future use.
  • Content and process goals were designed using development curriculum guidelines.
  • Content/Process Goals include: color identification, relative size and amounts, directionality, prepositions, introductions to numbers and shapes, self mastery, attention and focus, sustained play and exploration, and problem solving.
  • Playground Discovery features real learning opportunities set in a playground.
  • Includes a carefully designed Curriculum Guide that serves the dual purpose of operations manual and activity guide.
  • Curriculum Guide reinforces the learning objectives of the software through the use of pre-activities and post-activities.
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