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CosmoBot in Spaceship

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Ready to match wits with CosmoBot?  CosmoBot wants to play with you!  Can you help CosmoBot go in the right direction without bumping into Ant?  Can you outsmart CosmoBot at Tic Tac Toe?  Help CosmoBot catch balloons and pop bubbles.  How about a race with CosmoBot.  Find CosmoBot's hiding place?  The fun is just beginning so click on each of the games to play with CosmoBot.

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CosmoBot Games:

Help to launch CosmoBot towards the castle by pointing CosmoBot in the right direction! game 

Help CosmoBot find the castle! Be careful not to bump into CosmoBot's friend the ant! Pop the balloons and catch the stars for extra points. game

Race to the finish line. Pop bubbles for extra points but be careful not to run into the ant! game

Tic Tac Toe game

Unscramble the image! game

Click on the images with your mouse to stop them from moving around. Properly line up one complete image to move on to the next round! game

Use your mouse to click on the cards. If you click on two matching cards in a row, they will disappear. Clear all cards as fast as possible and move on to the next level! game

Help CosmoBot catch the red balloons! game

Keep your eye on the CosmoBot! Try to guess where CosmoBot is hiding by clicking on the red triangle with your mouse. game

Using the mouse, make small and large size CosmoBots on the left side to balance out the right side. Holding down the left mouse button will make CosmoBot larger! Drop weights on the right side if the left side gets too heavy! game


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