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Can I use this program to help reinforce my client’s therapy goals?

Yes! Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ can be used in addition to a child’s traditional therapy program to reinforce and emphasize skills being trained*. Children learn certain skills in therapy and can then reinforce those skills by using Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ either during therapy, in school, or at home. For example, a child may be engaging in a therapy putty activity to improve hand strength during occupational therapy. Interaction with Mission Control™ to activate Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ software will encourage a child to use their hands to activate buttons that can be calibrated to accept even the lightest pressure. In addition, Mission Control™ aFFx™ activators can also be adjusted to help train the child to increase the pressure necessary for activation. If a therapist is teaching color, number, or shape recognition, Playground Discovery software program can be used to support those very concepts.

* Note: Cosmo’s Learning Systems™ is not a therapy tool. It should not be used in isolation to meet therapeutic goals, but in conjunction with an individualized therapy program.

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