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I work with clients with a variety of motor, cognitive, and language needs. Does this system consider the needs of each individual child?

Absolutely! Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ software was designed by a team of specialists including parents, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physical therapists, educators, and engineers. Therefore, the motor, cognitive, language, and learning needs of all children were considered. Cosmo’s Play and Learn software has a feature that allows the clinician to individualize the program for each child based on their unique needs. It takes into consideration that some children have limited range of motion, minimal strength, or are unable to sustain their hand upon an aFFx™ Activator to activate Mission Control™. With the built-in microphone on Mission Control, it considers that some children do not have a loud voice, while others cannot sustain their voice for an extended duration. The software can also be customized for each user with individual profiles indicating any motor, verbal, or learning needs. Additionally, Cosmo’s Play and Learn software includes a built-in Prompt System that was carefully designed to support children by providing them with only the visual and audio cues needed to learn new concepts and feel successful in their learning.

How can I integrate this into my practice?

Easily! You can use this system as an adjunct to your individual therapy session (i.e. during the last 15 minutes), or during a joint session with another child with a similar or different set of needs. During a co-treat, the speech therapist may wish to encourage increasing the volume of a child’s voice using the built-in microphone on Mission Control, while the occupational therapist may help the child to improve their ability to sustain activation of Mission Control with their hand. An individual profile can be created for each child to help coordinate each child’s individual needs and match them with the variety of learning objectives and levels in the software program. Overall, Cosmo’s Learning Systems* can support the goals addressed in therapy such as improving motor control, coordination, voicing, and receptive language building while fostering independent play. It is fun, interactive, and inherently motivating. Click here to see how it can support a child’s educational plan and how it can be useful at home.

What is the Curriculum Guide and how can I use it to enhance my sessions?

The Curriculum Guide steps the user through the use of the software and then provides activities to help introduce and then reinforce the new learning goals to the child. These activities can be used as pre-activities (to be introduced at the beginning of a therapy session) or as post-activities (to be used to reinforce concepts at the end of therapy or used as practice at home). The Curriculum Guide also comes with a magnetic board and manipulatives. These serve as hands-on tools that will take the ideas that the child learns on the computer and allow them to reenact scenarios, tell stories, and creatively play with CosmoBot and its friends while practicing new concepts learned.

* Note: Cosmo’s Learning System™ is not a therapy tool. It should not be used in isolation to meet therapeutic goals, but in conjunction with an individualized therapy program.

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