Prompt System

Through the prompt system, Cosmo’s Play and Learn™ gently guides the child, taking them from what they presently know to new achievements. The prompts can aid the child to solve problems and perform tasks, even if the task is beyond the child’s previous level of accomplishment.

Prompts are the audio, visual, and symbolic structures that help the child work through an activity. They offer timely question support to assist the child as they problem solve, strategize, and learn the concepts at hand.

Cosmo™ asks a question and prompts the child to respond.

1st try: If the child answers inappropriately on their first attempt, an Auditory Cue is implemented:

Note: Once a button is greyed out, it is no longer active on Mission Control™.

2nd try: If the child answers inappropriately on their second attempt, a Visual Cue is implemented:

Tip: This is a good time for you as the Facilitator to offer additional hints and prompts if you feel the child may need more personalized support. You could also select another activity that covers the same objective to compare the child’s engagement and strategy.

3rd try: If the child answers inappropriately on their third attempt, the GiveAway is implemented:

Note: At this point, only the appropriate button remains active on the virtual Mission Control™.